Firmware Update for GC-XA1 with iOS6



New firmware update provides GC-XA1 compatibility with iOS6 including iPhone5 and other devices.

November 16, 2012 -JVCKENWOOD Corporation has announced the release of a new firmware update for the JVC GC-XA1 “ADIXXION” Action Camera. This firmware update supports iOS6 so that the Wi-Fi functions of GC-XA1 can continue to be enjoyed with iPhone5 and other devices that have been updated to the iOS6 operating system such as iPhone®, iPod® touch and iPad®.

GC-XA1 users are requested to visit the JVC support site and download the firmware update.

The URL is:

Upon accepting the terms of usage, the download page will be shown and the user can select the appropriate file for the specific version of this model, either GC-XA1BU or GC-XA1BE. This version can be confirmed by looking at the bottom of the camera. There is also a link to a step-by-step guide on how to apply this firmware update to the GC-XA1. This procedure will update GC-XA1 firmware from V483 or older, to V487.

In conjunction with this firmware update from JVC, it is also necessary to update WiVideo for iOS devices. WiVideo can only be obtained through the App Store and is expected to become available by the end of November. That new release will update the WiVideo in the iOS device from V1.46 to V1.52.

In addition to providing stable Wi-Fi connection, this firmware update also offers improvements in sound quality and social network account setup. Users of the GC-XA1 who own an iOS6 device are urged to implement this firmware update in order to ensure maximum performance of the ADIXXION Action Camera with Wi-Fi connectivity. Please note that this update is necessary only in cases where the GC-XA1 is used in conjunction with an iOS device, and is not necessary when using the GC-XA1 with an Android smartphone or tablet, as no issues have been encountered with the current version.